TV shootings:

History / Documentary

  • Pianist Stanislaw Bunin on a concert tour again after a 10 year break, for NHK, OA 2024
  • “Tamaki Hiroshi’s Musical Mystery Tour – Beethoven Torn between East and West”, for NHK, OA 2022
  • “And yet I play the piano – pianist Stanislaw Bunin overcoming a 9 year break”, for NHK, OA 2022
  • Auschwitz – Confessions of the Sonderkommando, for NHK, OA 2020
  • Digital vs. Real – Privacy and Data Protection, for NHK, OA 2020
  • Japanese conductor and composer Hidemaro Konoe in Nazi Germany, for NHK, “Tamaki Hiroshi’s Musical Mystery Tour – the Flight Orchestra of maestro Konoe Hidemaro”, OA 2017
  • German unification, for NHK, OA 2016
  • The secret T4 ‘Euthanasia’ scheme – Nazi mass murder of mental health patients, for NHK, OA 2015
  • Survivor of plane crash over Peruvian jungle in 1971 Juliane Koepcke, for Fuji TV, OA 2015
  • Japanese conductor and composer Hidemaro Konoe, who helped Jewish musicians in Nazi Germany, for NHK, OA 2015
  • Dinners that made history: Gorbachev and Kohl in 1990, for NHK, OA 2014
  • Palliative care at home and in hospices, for Chubu Nippon, OA 2012
  • Civil rights movement in East Germany and the fall of the Berlin wall, for NHK, “BS World documentary series: starting point 1989 – the trials of Leipzig, 20 years after”, OA 2009
  • Modernizers of Japan who studied in Prussia, for NHK, “Project Japan: Japanese who encountered the world”, OA 2009
  • Fall of the Berlin wall: citizen’s movements in Leipzig and Berlin, for NHK, two 50 min. programs, OA 2007
  • Small countries: Luxemburg, for NHK, OA 2006
  • Small countries: Liechtenstein, for NHK, OA 2006

News and reportage

  • Sports x Human: Medalist Diver Mikami Sayaka, for NHK, OA 2023
  • Direct Talk: Waris Dirie, founder of Desert Flower foundation against FGM, for NHK World, OA 2022
  • World Business Satellite: Ukraine crisis and the sharp rise in gas prices, for TV Tokyo, OA 2022
  • Current topics in German politics and society, for TV ASAHI “Ikegami Akira’s News”, as reporter, OA 2021
  • German general elections, for Hokkaido Shimbun, published 2021
  • Using new technologies for criminal prosecution: Auschwitz in Virtual Reality, for NHK, OA 2019
  • Modern work organization at German shoe and sports apparel maker PUMA, for TBS “Urgent! Ikegami Akira’s News 2017 – Japan is at risk”, OA 2017
  • Chinese takeover of German robot maker KUKA for TV Tokyo, OA 2016
  • German car maker VW, household appliances maker Miele for TV Tokyo, “Japan in a future century”, OA 2016
  • Dog-friendly country Germany, for TBS “Thank you to all living things”,  OA 2016
  • German-French reconciliation after WW1 and WW2, with live broadcast from Verdun, for TV Asahi, “Hodo Station”, OA 2016
  • US military and air bases in Germany, for TV Asahi, “Hodo Station”, OA 2015
  • German arms exports, for TV Asahi, “Hodo Station”, OA 2015
  • Employment policies and chemical corporation BAYER, for NTV, OA 2013
  • German car maker BMW, for TV Tokyo “100 years global enterprises”, OA 2013
  • Berlin as a dog-friendly city, for NHK “Number one in the world”, OA 2012


  • Pianist Stanislaw Bunin on a concert tour again after a 10 year break, for NHK, OA 2024
  • Organ Player Suzuki Masaaki Playing Arp Schnitger Organs in Northern Germany and the Netherlands, for NHK, OA 2023
  • Yutaka Sado Conducting the German Symphony Orchestra in Concerts with Pianist Fazil Say in Salzburg and Berlin, Fuji TV, OA 2023
  • “Tamaki Hiroshi’s Musical Mystery Tour – Beethoven Torn between East and West”, for NHK, OA 2022
  • “And yet I play the piano – pianist Stanislaw Bunin overcoming a 9 year break”, for NHK, OA 2022
  • Album of famous tunes: Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy’s piano trio No. 1, for NHK, OA 2022
  • People wanting to go Japan: matcha lover Flora from Munich, for TV Tokyo, as reporter, OA 2022
  • Beethoven’ 250th birthday memorial concert, for NHK OA 2020
  • Virtual pop star Hatsune Miku’s concert in Cologne, for NHK documentary, OA 2018 and NHK World, OA 2019
  • 8K and 4K filming at Passau St. Stephen cathedral, featuring the world’s biggest cathedral pipe organ, for NHK, 8K program and 4K program both OA 2019
  • long-term documentary on ballet dancer Vera Segova at Bavarian State Ballet, for WOWOW, OA 2017
  • Suzuki Masaaki plays Silbermann pipe organs from the time of Bach in German churches, for NHK, OA 2017
  • NHK Symphony Orchestra plays at Berlin Philharmonie, for NHK, OA 2017
  • portrayal of Japanese musician Shota Higashigawa for YTV “Gutto Chikyubin”, OA 2016
  • portrait of conductor Yutaka Sado for Nippon TV, “Another Sky”, OA 2016
  • Yutaka Sado conducting Tonkünstler Orchestra, Austria, for TV Asahi, “Concert Without a Title”, OA 2015
  • Blind young pianist Nobuyuki Tsujii, for Nippon TV “Another Sky”, OA 2014
  • Places in the lives of the Brothers Grimm, for Nippon TV, “Sceneries that linger in the soul”, OA 2013
  • Places in the life of Goethe, for Nippon TV, “Sceneries that linger in the soul”, OA 2012
  • Live broadcast of interview with film critic Daniel Kothenschulte on director Miyazaki Hayao, OA 2012
  • Actress and dancer Natsuki Mari explores Pina Bausch dance Theatre Wuppertal, for NHK “Tabi no chikara”, OA 2012
  • Conductor Yutaka Sado’s debut at Berlin Philharmonics, for NHK “HiVision special: Yutaka Sado”, OA 2011
  • Famous art collections in Dresden museums, for BS Asahi, “Paintings of the World – 450 years of history”, OA 2011
  • Vienna Philharmonics first concert master Rainer Kuechl, for NHK, OA 2011
  • “Celebrating Franz Liszt’s 200th birthday”, for BS Japan, OA 2011
  • Bertolt Brecht family, for NHK “Berlin 100 years story”, OA in 2010/11
  • “Beethoven and the women he loved – for whom did he write For Elise?”, for NTV, OA 2010
  • Kabuki group Heisei Nakamura-za in Berlin, for Fuji TV, OA 2008
  • Cirque du Soleil show Dralion touring Germany (before going to Japan), various shootings and photo shoots in 2006


  • “Great Nature! The river Rhine – a Reminder of the Earth Moving”, for NHK, OA 2024
  • Mathematics Is not for Laughs – The Collatz Problem”, for NHK OA 2023
  • “The Century of Turmoil 7 – Fears of a Red Hot Planet” for NHK, OA 2023
  • “2030 Turning Point for the Future – Global Warming out of Control – The Challenge of Decarbonisation”, for NHK, OA 2021
  • Loss of insect biomass worldwide, for NHK “Insects are wonderful and endangered!”, OA 2019
  • Potsdam Institute for Climate Research, for NHK “Challenge for a sustainable Earth”, OA 2019
  • MASCOT lander at German Aviation and Space Agency Bremen, for NHK “Cosmic Front”, OA 2015
  • Ancient Greek marble statues were actually colorful, for NHK, OA 2011
  • East German nuclear power plant, for TBS program on renewable energy and German nuclear energy exit policy


  • “Sports x Human”: Medalist Diver Mikami Sayaka, for NHK, OA 2023
  • Japanese Latin dance team participating in international competitions in Stuttgart, Vienna and Luxemburg, 4 times, for TBS prime time program “Nakai Masahiro’s Friday smile”, OA in 2017 and 2018.
  • Football player Hiroki Sakai for NHK, “Spirit of an Athlete”, OA 2013
  • Ski legend Hermann Maier, for Fuji TV “Unbelievable! Amazing stories from around the world”, OA 2014
  • Women’s FIFA world cup final in Frankfurt Japan vs. USA, with live broadcast for Fuji TV “Tokudane”, OA 2011
  • Legendary German football players, arenas and other football topics, for TV Asahi series “S- The Stories”, OA 2009
  • Panasonic Rope Jump competitions for school children, organized by our company for Fuji TV in 2009
  • Gymnastics world championship in Stuttgart, live broadcast, for NHK, OA 2007
  • A day in the life of little figure skater Christin Schott, for NHK, 2007
  • FIFA world cup in Germany, various shoots with related reports, 2006
  • Japanese football player Nakata Koji at Basel, Switzerland, OA 2006
  • Training camp of Japanese national football and match in Berlin, 2005
  • training camp of Japanese national football team for TV Asahi Sports, 2004
  • and numerous other shootings of Japanese football players in German first league Bundesliga clubs for TV Asahi, 2003-

Travel programs

  • Oretabi! Traveling in Berlin and Potsdam, OA 2023
  • Actress Kanno Miho traveling through Switzerland (3 parts) for Nippon TV “Woman on the Planet”, OA 2014
  • Actress Akiyoshi Kumiko traveling on the river Rhine, for BS Japan, “Water Sceneries around the World”, OA 2013
  • Exploring Switzerland: Zurich and the Golden Pass Line, 3 parts, for BS Nippon TV “Travelix”, OA 2013
  • Austria by Train, TV Asahi “See the World by Train”, OA 2010

Feature films:

  • Biopic on pharmaceutical pioneer Nagai Nagayoshi, for Tokushima prefecture
  • Shooting in Berlin and Vienna for biopic on pianist Fujiko Hemming for Fuji TV, 2003

Commercials, promotion videos

  • Berlin and Potsdam tourist destinations, for H.I.S. Germany, 2020
  • Yamaha musical instruments, 2008 and 2014
  • Oliver Kahn for blood pressure lowering medication, 2009
  • SHARP Sunvista solar panels on an Environmental Agency building in Wallington, UK, 2007
  • Toshiba cash registers and office machines in Belgium and Germany
  • Panasonic Toughbook, in Germany, Belgium and Sweden

Photo Shootings:

  • Feature on Berlin Philharmonics concert master Daishin Kashimoto for Kateigaho magazine
  • Feature on Tonkünstler Orchester Niederösterreich musical director Yutaka Sado conducting at Grafenegg Music Festival, for Kateigaho magazine
  • Vienna – A Musical Journey for Kateigaho magazine
  • Austrian shop portrait and Berlin office portrait for Rakuten GLOBAL DREAM

Events, Trade Fair Support:

  • SONY photocamera booth at Photokina, Cologne
  • SONY booth at IFA, Berlin
  • Preparing and setting up G-JAMPS base of Japanese national team Samurai Blue at Bonn, FIFA football world cup 2006
  • Bridgestone tyres booth at motor shows in Frankfurt, Brussels, Geneva
  • Panasonic Kids’ Rope Jump competitions in Germany

Academic research and study trips (interpreting, organizing)

  • Nagoya University Graduate School of Education professors’ field research trips on secondary school reform in Germany
  • medical professionals’ research group examining malpractice and quality control in hospitals and medical treatment in Germany
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